Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec 9: Finally a letter. And pictures.

Here's a decent email. Hopefully.
So... the area. We ran into a problem between housing and miles. We live with the Brewster Elders but... we live 50 miles from Twisp. Last month we used 2,600 miles. We just found out the other day that we have a limit of 1200 for the month. Which would be too small even if we lived in Twisp (which we're working on doing right now). But... I guess our housing and vehicle coordinators are working it out. Anyway, we're looking for a place in Twisp or Winthrop. This past week we reached -1* F. I've never been in weather so cold! :) Neither has Elder Sanchez. It's snowed a little so far, but it's actually been a pretty dry winter for now. We have an investigator with a baptismal date, named Manuel, and we met another hispanic family in the same area, so the majority of our investigators in Twisp are now hispanic. So that's cool. I think the work will hasten more as well, once we live in our actual area.

Pictures are... Elder Sanchez teaching cows, and I hope the other one shows the -1*

Winthrop looks like an old western town. Pretty cool.

Elder Judd, and Elder Duncan, my zone leaders. So awesome, I love them both. :) Elder Duncan will  be going to Utah State

Dec. 2: I fail.

So, we have to email at a library this week, and they refuse to give us enough time. So Not enough time to write a good email. Sorry again! Hope you still all love me! I'll do better next week!

Quick Story

We found someone named Manuel who has a truckload of potential! We found him tracting, and I had been fasting to find the elect, and at first he seemed uninterested because he's Seventh-Day Adventist, but we taught a short, simple, 8 minute Restoration lesson, and he said when we asked him, "How do you feel about Joseph Smith's vision?" He answered us, "Well, he must have had a lot of faith!" He also accepted baptism for the 25th, and told us "I'm going to be very busy the next few weeks, but I'll definitely work for it" And also, he asked us "Do you have a church nearby? I was wondering so that I could take my family to come one day" before we even invited him! Miracles!!!

Mucho amor,
Elder Grant

Nov 25: Laziness.

I'm afraid I'm succumbing today. I really don't have much of an idea of what to write this week, and I'm kind of tired. So I promise to try harder next week, but I'm going cheap on you this time. Hopefully you'll forgive me. Emails aren't the center of my P-day like they used to be. But I still love you all, and love talking to you! Hope you all have a nice week! I think partly the reason I'm not writing much is because my fingers are frozen and its hard to type!
Elder Grant
our MTC district at the mission conference