Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oct. 14: Believing Christ

Okay, I finally got pictures! It doesn't quite match up to the real thing, but they should give you a taste of what our view is like from our house. We scored on our housing. :)

So, the area is going pretty good. We just met a less-active member named Denise, and she told us, "It's time to come back." That desire is so great! It is THE most important factor in conversion. And, she also has a sister that just moved into Chelan a few days ago, who's husband wants to get baptized! The Lord leads people to us! That's probably the most exciting thing that has happened this week. We're planning on teaching Denise and her brother in law together all of the lessons, and getting them to church ASAP, and the ward knows about them, so it should be good. In other news, we haven't really tracted lately because we are trying to get members to find new investigators for us. We'll see how it goes. It might take a while, but I'm sure it will be worth it. 

I recently bought Believing Christ when we were down by the temple again, and... I'm probably exagerating (I do that a lot) but I think its the most important book I've ever read, other than the scriptures. It... has changed my view on Faith a lot. And realized I need to improve. And it has made me realize how much I need the Savior, more. And that I can't save myself, no matter how hard I try. I felt rebuked and comforted at the same time haha....

I recommend everyone read it.

I love you all, and will try to get more pictures to you in the future. I understand that you don't all always have time to write me, I still love you anyways. :)

Elder Grant

Oct 7: Temple Week!

Querida familia,

I LOVE the temple! We are going again on Wednesday. I LOVE IT LOVE IT I LOVE IT. Anyway. So did anyone else notice that all the members in the church were asked to find someone for the missionaries to teach before Christmas? Not every family, not every couple, every member. Has anyone made any plans for that? If you don't make any plans, you probably won't do it. I still love you all though. :) I just want you to know, that I understand. I understand, that I don't have a life, and can't have empathy for you all. But don't let the world bury you! Remember the end goal here. There's something more important in this life, than your job, your social life, money, your dog, or Disneyland. Don't forget the Plan, alright? There's something better than your vices in this world. But you have to work for it. Don't let excuses stop you, overcome them and let them make you stronger. I love you all. But make sure you work hard!

Elder Grant

September 30: Mi Primera Semana en Chelan

Hey Everyone!

So... To report on what has gone on in Chelan. A woman who has investigated the church for a long time came up to us and told us she wants to be baptized! By her son, who was just confirmed today! I'm starting to be convinced that Chelan is going to be my favorite area. But I can't play favorites so.... I can still see a lot of potential in this place. :) We have had 3 new investigators in the past few days (which is pretty good. Not incredible, but good) and I'm pretty sure I've visited the majority of the "Spanish Branch" members. They've been trying to set up a branch here for a long time, but the members haven't been steady enough to quite establish it. The good news is that they all seem to have testimonies! The bad news is that they're mostly working. The other good news is that apple season is almost over! And the other bad news is, even if we did manage to set up a branch over the winter, what will happen next summer when harvest starts and everyone has to work again....? We're still working out the kinks. But I would love to see this place get a branch, and I'm hoping I will be here for a good duration of time so I can really be involved in the work here. :) 

So, we live right by a lake, lake Chelan, which is one of the biggest lakes in the state. Chelan is mostly a tourist town, but it quiets down after Labor day. It has a population of what I would estimate to be 4-5000 people. But I really don't know. I'm sure it fluctuates with all the tour-orists. (como terrorists...) Many people have summer homes here. We also cover Manson, which is more settled, and has the majority of our members. Manson is about 10 miles away, and also has the majority of the England family, who originally settled here after WWII, and now dominate the Chelan ward. Kind of like the Timms in Oroville, and the Christensens in Mattawa. There's usually a family like that in each small town ward. The area is super pretty, and I need to get pictures of it for you all. :) So, I'm going to put my camera in my backpack after this. If I remember.

To answer a bunch of questions I got, it's getting pretty cold up here, probably 50's in the early morning, and it's been raining quite a bit, which I love. I need to work on getting us some new investigators, but this area seems to have a LOT of potential, everyone is so smiley and friendly. Unless you go to the nice looking homes. My last companion, Elder Cramer, was from North Carolina, and I was with him for 10 weeks (the longest companion he's had thus far). He was really great, really funny, we knew about a lot of the same things, the only thing that disappointed me was that he didn't care for Lord of the Rings. :) I loved my time with him, and we did have the occasional arguement, but what's important is that we still love each other, and we overcame our differences. He's got so much heart, and really wants to be the best missionary he can, and I'm immensely proud of him. In Oroville, we had about 20% spanish investigators, but I believe here in Chelan, it's more like 50/50, which I'm excited about. :) 

I'm going to try and think of a bunch of other good stuff to write about next week as well. Thanks for all of the suppport everyone, les quiero!

Elder Grant

September 23: New Transfer!

Hey everyone!

So, big news this week. I'm leaving Oroville! And Elder Cramer, who I just finished training, is going to train someone else! You have to realize that that almost never happens. It is very rare for an Elder to train right after being trained (it's more common with Sisters). I'm spreading rumors that he's the chosen one. :) Shh. His new companion will be from Paraguay, and they'll teach eachother their native language. It'll be good. :) I'm going to miss Elder Cramer a lot. He's been a lot of fun, and he was more prepared for his mission than I was. Hopefully, if he is the chosen one though, he won't end up like Anakin.

For me... I'm going to a town called Chelan, which is close to Oroville (relatively) but not in the same zone. My companion will be Elder Berg! I don't know if any of you remember him, but he was one of my roommates in the MTC, and I'm expecting a really good time with him. Apparently it has one of the best houses in the mission... So that's something to look forward to! 

I'm going to miss Oroville, but well, I like change now. I just love moving forward, and progressing now. It's really weird. I'm sure I'll love Chelan too. It's not too big, but it's bigger than Oroville. :) 

My creative juices are running out. Time to put pictures on. The first picture is of Kim. He'll get baptized one day. :) The other is of my hands... I bailed hay. It was awesome.

Les quiero, hasta la proxima semana!

Elder Grant