Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My new mission (July 9, 2013)

So, I met President and Sister Ware on wednesday. He is very soft-spoken and kind. It's quite a difference from President Mullen, where he was a very excited man, but they've both been called of God, and you can see it on their faces. We can now have meals on any day in the Kennewick Mission, but that probably won't make too much of a difference up here in Oroville, since the people are so sparce. But we'll see what happens. Some members do seem relieved that they can invite us over any day now. I'm just afraid I'm going to gain weight. 

There will be other changes, so we've heard, but they're not implementing too many right now. In fact, hardly any at all. They're going to announce more things on saturday when we go to Ephrata again, but last I checked they were still trying to take the best parts of both missions in the new policies. Elder Bennet, my zone leader for 3 transfers in the Othello Zone (down in Mattawa) is one of the AP's in Kennewick, so we should be treated kindly up in the northern part of the state haha. I found out some of the new spanish areas I will be able to go to in the future (possibly) are Pasco, which is part of the Tri-Cities, Yakima, and parts of Oregon. I can't wait to get to know new areas and new people!!!!

In other news, because my white shirts are becoming thing from over-use, I now have a tan line from my hands up half-way up the upper part of my arm. It almost reaches my shoulder. The line is where my garments are. x) It is the only tan part of my body! Anything else important going on here...? I can't think of anything. I'll wait until next week if there is. :)

Okay, about the area. We struggled on Sunday when the Luna family and Kyndra and Mariya, and Roscoe didn't come to church. They are all less active members that we have been working with, and they all said they would be there. They ended up having pretty decent reasons for not going, but it's still frustrating haha! We also had six appointments set up yesterday, and two of them came through, while we also taught two other people that weren't even on our plans. That kind of thing seems to happen a lot in missionary work. We asked Sinforiano to be baptized, and while he understands why he needs to be, he still feels very unsure about it all, and just says "I don't know!" He does say that he feels good, and a certain peace though when we are here and when he reads the Book of Mormon. Now we just need to get him to church! 

Elder Heward is learning so much! I probably say that in every email, but it's true! He always asks me questions about doctrine, and I surprise myself by knowing the answers most of the time. You'd be surprised how much you can learn in six months of heavy scripture study. I love that he wants to know more, and while he still gets tired, or discouraged, or doesn't do everything perfectly, he is so open to learn from his mistakes and improve himself. It's actually pretty impressive, because he understands more spanish than I did at 3 1/2 months, and he doesn't even speak the language! He's going to be a great missionary and a great asset to the people in Brazil. :)

I think that's all I've got this week. No new pictures.... I'll work on that. I hope you all do missionary work this week! Lots of love,

Elder Grant

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