Hey. My P-days are thursday, but the first week didn't count. So this is my first oppurtunity to email. Okay, so I should probably get to the whole MTC experience, huh? So, I have three roommates, including my companion. Elder Pinegar (pronounced like vinegar but a p) is 22, 230 pounds, and 6'3". He's funny. :) He's a big goof, but really wants to serve well. His first few days he actually prayed that the MTC would be harder. His prayers got answered :) Elder Christiansen is a good looking guy, with a good sense of humor, but he's also a good guy. He likes to be pretty laid back. He's also the only one that tries hard to get to bed on time! Elder Berg is Christiansen's companion, and he's really funny, because he'll have the same face on for six straight hours, and then all of a sudden be full of expression. He has a bit of a hard time with the spanish, as he's the only one who can't remember any of his classes. But he made it through the first few days, and I think he will be fine now. Oh, so you're probably wondering how I handled the first few days. The hardest thing for most people is that they get homesick REALLY fast. I didn't have that. Sorry :) the first Wednesday through Saturday is the hardest, but the saying goes "if you make it to Sunday, you'll be fine". Sunday was so amazing. Everyone felt so happy that day. Oh, but the hardest thing is you are always just SO tired. Everyone in my room has bags under their eyes. It's difficult because you have almost no free time, especially those first days. They launch you into a spanish class within 4 hours. And the culture shock is incredible. But the spirit buoys you up SO much. It's absolutely incredible. It's insane. If you don't feel it super strong for longer than six hours, you become tired and irritable, but that's usually not a problem. I know this is where I belong. Some people say that the days pass like weeks, and the weeks pass like days. I think that's mostly right, except the weeks pass like months. It feels like I've been here an eternity. But I don't mind. I already speak better spanish than I have in my entire life. I tend to catch on to everything pretty fast (when I am humble anyway). We just finished with our first "investigator" yesterday. It was one of our teachers, who had us start teaching him as some Catholic latino named Kevin, last Friday. Its WAY humbling every lesson. Kevin is way too smart for his own good. And his friend Josh (he's made up) who is a member gives Kevin ideas that makes our job a lot harder. But we are figuring out how to bring people the gospel. Something me and Elder Pinegar learned quickly is that if you don't bear your testimony during the lesson, It's lacking something. A lot of something. Even if it seems repetetive. Oh, by the way, I'm my district's leader. At first I was overwhelmed (it was on saturday, the worst day of the first week in my opinion). But now I feel blessed. I know I will be a good leader. That's something I've learned quickly here. You need to believe in yourself. I've seen Ben quite a few times. We never have much time to talk, but that's alright. It's nice to see him. I loved the temple today. It had been too long. I'm probably forgetting to write about something, but oh well. Oh, the other people in my district are Elders Hill, Louth, and Hermanas Spittler, Lambert, Wright, and Rittenhouse. I treat them like you Mom. :) 

                     Love you all,
                      Elder Grant 
                      (I can't remember my old first name anymore) :P