Yeah, so, lack of emails makes it difficult to know what to talk about, but I'll try my best. I really do love dear elders though, they make it so I get so much more mail. We are playing a game called golf in my district, and for every letter you get, you go more over par. So the people with more carta do worse in the game. I'm in last place. It's odd. For some reason, I'm still bummed that I'm losing. Moving on. If you guys want to censor some of the stuff I write, when you forward this, that's okay, because I'm going to be straight forward (as usual) :) Conference was so incredibly amazing here. When the missionary thing was announced, it was like a football stadium, with all the uproar. It was such a big deal, and one of my maestros pointed out, that the people at the MTC right now are going to be major leaders during the next two years, because there are going to be a lot of new missionaries coming in, and we will be older than most of them. I only fell asleep twice during conference, and only during seventies talks. I was so proud of myself. I'm so tired here all the time. My worst days are when I am exhausted and my best days are when I'm able to focus and think of the spirit. The spirit is EVERYTHING here, and I'm reminded of that every five minutes. Mostly by the spirit itself. Speaking of which, I love my branch president. He reminds me a lot of President Teshima, the way that once he comes into the room, I feel a little bit stronger. So, just to be clear, this place is so crazy. It really is "life accelerated". I am on the verge of a mental breakdown some days, and feel like superman others. It's insane. I know I will make it, but its definitely the hardest thing I've done in my life. Oh, by the way. We heard from Elder Bednar in person on Tuesday. It was really cool. I was kind of mad at myself, because I was having a hard time staying awake, simply because I was so incredibly worn out. But I took a good amount of notes, and he gave us a template for pretty much anything church related. It's called D.I.P., and its like a chart sort of? Every talk, and every lesson, needs three things. Doctrine, or simple truths. Invitations follow certain commandments to others. And promised blessings for following up on those invitations or commitments. It's helping our teaching SO much. Conference was so busy, most everyone had their heads down the entire time writing in their notebooks. I wrote something like five pages, and I tend to only write what's especially important to me and my "investigators". I know one of the hermanas in my district wrote half a page at least for every speaker, more for apostols.

                    Love you all!!!
                    Elder Grant