Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 4? Or something like that- October 18, 2012

Okay, so, sorry to disappoint, but I'm REALLY bad at writing things just about my life here. I've learned most of the conjugations of spanish, I'm on week 4, I speak better spanish than most, and I finished with my second investigator. My first investigator was named Kevin, and he was my teacher Hermano Ballard being one of his investigators from his mission. Kevin tore us apart every lesson. He was either too smart, or decided the Pope had the priesthood. Dang Kevin. Afterward, we found out we just had to have him read 1st Nephi, and have him pray if it was true or not. Anyway, our second investigator was also H. Ballard, and he was playing an 8 year old, who we were teaching to prepare for baptism. He was super shy, and mostly said "bien" to all of our questions, and stared at bugs all the time. We improved with him, and got him to talk, but it was difficult. On the last lesson he threw us a bone, and told us that he did something bad in school, and felt guilty. So we talked to him about how baptism gave him the chance to not feel guilty anymore and be clean. It was better than Kevin, and he agreed to baptism, so I guess we were successful. With our other investigator right now, Hermana Bair, our 5ft tall lady teacher, was being Fabiola. She is much easier. She agrees with most things we say, and is very helpful. I feel like my teachers do a good job of having one of them go easy on us, to give us a break, and one of them pushing us hard. Um, so someone needs to tell me what Austin, Brycen, and Will are going to do about their missions. Not sure what else to say. Hope you guys miss me. :) Until next week.
P.S. Oh yeah, almost forgot. I'm not district leader anymore. We switch after three weeks, and now its my companion Elder Pineger. Hmmm, I wonder who will be Zone Leaders when its our district's turn to have them...? Hopefully Elder Christiansen and Elder Berg :)

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