Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 3? I think. Hopefully.

Already losing track of time here! That's a good thing. I think. I'm just getting lost in the work. So, I've gotten the question whether all of my investigators are spanish speaking. No, but about 4/5 of them are. Of course, some speak spanish and english, such as with Dalia. Dalia only speaks spanish, but her children speak both, but they tend to prefer english, so some of our lessons are bilingual. Other times, someone can speak both, but the member we have speaks spanish, so me and Elder Kelly speak english, and our member speaks spanish, and our investigator does both. A little confusing at times. :)

Something about sundays is interesting. We greet people for the English ward, but don't attend it because PEC for the branch is during sacrament for the ward. Then, because the kids all speak english, and the branch's adults can all fit in one larger classroom, the ward and the branch share class time. Then we go to the Spanish sacrament meeting. Sometimes there are english speakers from the stake though at the branch, so we have these headsets that the spanish speakers put on, and then my companion Elder Kelly had the headset that all the other headsets hear, so that he can translate. Pretty cool stuff.

I got asked if I have dinner every night, and I can't remember if I answered this already, but basically what happens is we are always allowed to have dinner appointments on Saturday on Sunday. Monday through Friday however, you need to have a non-member present to be allowed dinner appointments. It's a motivator to help missionaries try and get members more involved with investigators. I think we're allowed to get lunch from a member any day, but most people work. So that's never happened. :) Maybe one day!

Today, me and Elder Kelly don't have miles, so we're not going to Othello. We will be watching doctrinal movies in the seminary building and writing letters! And getting the car an oil change! Fun stuff. :) On Christmas, I will get to skype of course. Ma, Pa, be ready around 4-7 most likely? Actually I really have no idea. We're are going over to the Christensens to skype, but they told us just come over whenever for it. And we're not sure what our schedule will be. So um.... Be ready all christmas day! :D On a side note, sister christensen is actually the sister of brother fritzler, who used to be in Peccole Ranch Ward. Small world! Well, not sure what else to say this week. Love you all, and thanks for the support!

Elder Grant

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