Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 13, 2013: Temple week!

So, the reason that I am sending this E-mail on Wednesday, is because we went to the temple today, and it changes our Pday. Sorry. I kind of failed to tell you guys that last week. :) The other big thing that we found out rather recently is that there is a big change in the way the E-mails work now.... I can now E-mail ANYONE! :D Crazy huh? If anyone, anyone at all, wants to send an email to me, its not against the rules. The only setback is that I only get another half-hour on emails, so I might have to print out some and hand-write the letters. But It will still make contact MUCH quicker now with people. :) Oh. And if you've been waiting for a letter from me, I got all caught up on letters today! Yay for two two-and-a-half-hour trips to Spokane and back!

So, the work goes on, and once again, it's kind of a more or less week. We had only one investigator at church, but he's progressing so much!! His name is Reynaldo, and I'm pretty sure I've talked about him before, but he's just so interested, and he really cares, and really wants to change his life. It means a lot to see someone repent. It reminds us as missionaries that we're not doing EVERYTHING wrong. :) It was kind of hard Saturday night when our other investigators told us, that they were definitely not going to church the next day. I can usually take it pretty well when they don't show up. When they have good intentions, and fail to go, at least they told us they wanted to. But when they were planning on failing us... that was a tough day. It wasn't an experience I had really had before. I don't think it helped that they could have gone, but it was just their favorite time to go grocery shopping. Ah well. I believe that they will find the light one day. In the mean time, I've done my best to bring them happiness.

Elder Wait and I are doing good. Sometimes I think he worries about things, that he can't change, a little bit too much, but hey, I do too. :) We went to the temple today together, and it was pretty nice. It will be one of his last trips, since he only has two transfers left. Poor guy. He hates when others ask him how much time he has left, but he doesn't really show any signs of trunkiness. ;) It's interesting how much he knows some of the members here. But I guess when you've been here for seven and a half months in the past, you're going to know a lot of people.

At the temple, I felt like... I was back home. A home I don't really remember that well. But even though I've never been to the Spokane Temple before, there was the same spirit, the same sense that you were in God's house. I was back at home with God. I really needed it, I realized. I didn't realize it til I got there though. I just looked at it, and even though it was a small temple, you could feel the grandness of it. Within the session room, as we waited for it to start, I just felt so incredibly happy and at peace. I feel a sense of longing for it now. I can't wait to go back. :) 

Hm... Oh yeah, pictures! One is of Elder Wait, and the other is of me at the temple. Enjoy!

Con amor,

Elder Grant

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