Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First week of the fourth transfer. March 25, 2013

Elder Bennet is staying in Othello as Zone Leader and getting his MTC companion,
 Elder Aguilar is staying in Royal City and training.

Sister Worlton is going to Wenatchee and Sister Collins is staying in Royal City to train.

So, I'm staying in Mattawa another six weeks, and Elder Wait is still my companion. It's kind of surprising, since we both have so much time here! I'm up to about 4 months, and he's at about 8-9 months now in Mattawa. Not much changing here. Although we are moving today, so there goes our P-day, unfortunately. But, oh well.

So, after quite a few tougher weeks, I had a week with 20 lessons for the first time! I feel accomplished, but at the same time, I remember, it's really not my success. Every good thing comes from God, right? I'm happy to be a helpful instrument in the Lord's hands. This work is stressful. I'll admit it. But well, I suppose it's supposed to be when you're dealing with the most important things in existence. People, human souls, including us! It's frustrating when you watch someone fail to act on the spirit that they've time and time again, but when I've done my best, I've felt our Heavenly Father's love comforting me, letting me know they have a choice, but I've done well. I've done something. I've invited them to know their Savior, and if they turn it down, well, you can't decide for them. Well, to talk about investigators, Reynaldo who we recently started teaching went to church again, and we invited him to be baptized, but he said he wants to wait to have a date til he's married. Gricelda, Jorge Bautista's brother, had a church tour with us and accepted a date to be baptized, but didn't go to church. Gabriel wants to go to church, and be baptized too, but he doesn't want to live the law of chastity yet, or obey the Sabbath day every week, or obey the Word of Wisdom. He'll get baptized one day, I'm sure of it, but most likely not while I'm here in Mattawa.

I'm super tired, we've been working on moving today, so I'm going to make this one short. Sorry bout that! I'll work on getting back to everyone, thanks for the support! Til next week!

Elder Grant

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