Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A very new transfer (June 17, 2013)

Dear family and friends,

I'm very, very nervous haha. I've got some big news, at least for me. So, I really really thought (and kind of hoped) that Elder Orellana and I would just stay here together, even though I was praying he would get his wish and stay in the Spokane mission. I shouldn't have underestimated the power of his and my prayers though! So, Elder Orellana is going to an area that neither he, nor I have heard of (it's close to Pullman WA and Moscow ID) and will most likely only be speaking english for the rest of his mission. Meanwhile I will be staying here with an Elder Huewd. Elder Huewd has been out for about 4 weeks (He was given to a missionary who's companion received his visa for Peru in the middle of the transfer), and so I will be second-training him, or in the mission lingo, I will be his step-dad. And elder Huewd is a visa waiter also. For Brazil. He is learning portuguese. So, I will be Senior Companion, Training, and a solo spanish missionary. I should have seen it coming. I felt an unnatural amount of peace being given to me by the Spirit, just before the calls. And I still feel it now. So I'm not freaking out. Too much. It will be a little tough though. It will all help me grow. I understand enough spanish, thanks to Mattawa. :)

On to the area of Oroville. It always turns my head around how you'll have five appointments in one day, and end up having 4 of those cancelled, and see other people instead. I really do feel like I'm following the fog of revelation sometimes, hehe. But, I just keep walking forward. And trust in God. We contacted one family that has been less active I believe almost since they were baptized. :\ I'd never talked to them, but when we finally found them, they let us in right away, and some of the girls were shy, but they really seemed to like having us there. Early in the week we tried contacting a potential, and when she answered she just talked about this less active family to us, and all the problems they're having. So from what the potential lady said, and the mom of the family said, they need a lot of help. And that's what us missionaries are here for! So I'm pretty excited to start getting them back to church and reading the scriptures. Even if they do live about 20 miles away from Oroville hehe. 

I have to admit, I have absolutely loved having Elder Orellana as a companion. I think I had the least arguments with him of my companions, which are admittedly sometimes good for your relationship, but I've gotten to know Elder Orellana without too much fire. :) I'm going to miss speaking spanglish with him, and having so much fun with him here in Oroville. And I think it's super sad that it might be a very, very long time before I see him again, with him being in another mission, and then returning to Guatemala. But I'll see him again. Eventually. :) He's going to help many missionaries and investigators come close to Christ.

I thought I should wish my Dad, Happy Father's day! :) I love you so much, and appreciate that you helped me make it here so I could serve the Lord, and become a man out here in the middle of nowhere. You really are great. :) Keep up the good work. Much love,

Elder Grant

the scenery here ... And a squirrel. 

 and there is also a picture of my district this transfer.

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