Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wow! I just realized I'm 4 weeks into another transfer.

Dear Loved ones. That didn't write me this week.

Time just passes faster and faster. I feel so old. Only three more months and I'm 20 years old... I won't be a teenager anymore, what the heck??? At least people still think I look super young. So when I'm 40, I'll look 30. :) I keep telling myself that anyway. It might not help if I lose my hair.

Another week passes, with lots of ups and downs, as usual. Noone at church, but Don DeVon, one of our investigators has his phobia of crowds and lots of people, so we set a date to have him come to church, and have been preparing him for that. This coming thursday, we will have a church tour without a member (we couldn't get him to commit to it with a member) and then the next lesson we will have, we'll bring a fellowshipper. After that it will be his deadline. We'll see how it all works out. We also have an upcoming lesson with Candace, and have a woman from the ward that will meet at the shop for that lesson on wednesday. Steven, a boy about 10 or 11 I think seems to have been brainwashed by someone. I hate when that happens. He had been previously close to accepting another baptismal date (he had one in the past), but in the lesson we just had, his book of mormon was put away somewhere, and he claimed he didn't know where it was, he kept trying to tell us he's Catholic, and he didn't want to pray for some reason. And he told us the only reason he lets us in is to be polite. Oh, the life of a missionary. But there's a lot of investigators we're finding with some potential, so we're working on finding the elect. :)

As Elder Orellana and I work together to figure out how we can help the area better, we sort through differences and find out how we sync best. We've decided to start using bikes more so that we can save on miles and be able to visit far away people more often, and also so we can work out our leg muscles. :) Plus, it's easier to stop in the middle of the street to talk to someone on a bike, than in a car. I can't even imagine just stopping the car, getting out, and trying to hand someone on the street a pamphlet! 

Have you ever had that moment where you were truly, honestly planning on sharing your testimony, and then someone goes up and uses the last twenty minutes of testimony meeting? I have. It might have been yesterday, I don't know. I'll have other chances to share my testimony. :) Of course, I do it every day in lessons. It is a bit different on the pulpit though. More scary than anything. At least we have a small ward here. Isn't that ironic? We're trying to get more people to church, yet the more people are at church, the more afraid I am to give a talk!

I probably had quite a few miracles this week, and just forgot them. I feel like I'm having a blonde moment right now. I'll work on writing them down at the end of the night from now on, instead of waiting til these letters. :) 

I also thought I should say, my Grandma, Will Crumpacker, Rachael, and Brianna did write me this week. Thank you!:)
Start spoiling me again everyone! I miss hearing from all of you! Con amor,

Elder Grant

P.S. I thought I'd leave a scripture for you all. It's Alma 60:6. Love you all! <3
a peacock 

Elder Orellana

Mary, a recent convert in Mattawa (Elder Kelly baptized her)

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