Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I really hope I got everyone down, that I want to send this email too.

Mis amigos y familia amada,

I just had a really hard time for a half hour trying to make a group. Between accidentally deleting all my contacts, and trying to help my companion get the internet, this past half-hour was harder than it should've been. Hopefully I'm not forgetting to send this to anyone. And I'm not sending it to anyone I didn't mean to! I can't believe another transfer is almost over, but that's the mission I suppose. And It's less than 20 days now til I'm serving in another mission! I'm so clueless as to how it will change everything exactly. I won't be going to Spokane anymore, but we'll see what happens. I did think I should apologize for appearing mad last week for lack of mail x) I wasn't truly mad, I was mostly just teasing. Mostly. I still love to hear from everyone though. :)

So, we had a decent amount of success in some parts of the work, and less in other parts. For example, we thought we were about to get a new investigator, named Liz, who is an older woman that really likes to talk to the missionaries. But, after teaching the majority of the Plan of Salvation, we learned that Liz was baptized at the age of 16, and hasn't been active for 66 years! So, we're going to work on getting her back to church. We wanted to learn more, but we had an appointment, and promised her we would come back, probably tuesday. We're still trying to get some investigators on-date for baptism, and while we don't have any today, there's a man named Kim that's a really cool guy, and knows the bishop, who we're going to try and ask tonight. We're praying he'll say yes! :) We were looking at our investigators last thursday for planning, and realized most of our investigators had been taught either one or two lessons, so we've been dropping a lot of non-progressing people, and finding some of those more ready for the Gospel. It's always hard deciding that you're not going to teach someone anymore. :\ But sometimes you just need to follow the Spirit, and give some people some time off. And trust God that He will help them get back to Him one day!

Elder Orellana decided to remodel our basement today, and I think I'm having more fun than he is doing it, but he agrees that it's necessary. For some reason I really just like changing things up, which I think is also why Elder Orellana wouldn't mind staying in the Spokane Mission, and I'm excited to start what seems like a whole new world in the Kennewick Mission. Overall though, I've noticed that I just enjoy being with Elder Orellana a lot. :) He's a really fun guy, and I'm super glad that I have him for a companion!

I've noticed how much your thoughts change your actions in your life, including on the mission of course. I was studying virtue as a Christ-like attribute, and it was saying that it's something like the thoughts that you have, when you're alone, whether they're kind, or mean. I try not to think bad of people, but I recognize I'm human, and admit I sometimes get irritated with people (Just come to church!!!). I don't generally let it get to me too much, but I've come to realize that your inner thoughts often show on the outside, with time, a lot more often than you realize. So, while I've been able to say, "I'm happy" for a long time, I'm going to start TRYING to think more happy thoughts, not quite forcing myself to, but trying to achieve a more happy appearance, for others and myself. Because if I think happy things, my face will be able to show it, and others will want to be happy too. :)

I'll let you all know what's happening next transfer next week. Til then, Sinceramente,

Elder Grant

The first picture is a tribute to a few people. The bear was given to me by Brett and Ashley, who I met in Logan during my short time there. :)  The scarf thing is actually a bracelet I got from Brianna, and the seat/orange bracelet is from Rachael Lynes. Every place I've been (all of three houses) that's been on my desk each day.

 This picture is of a strawberry I ate, about the size of my thumbnail. It was amazing! 

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