Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

July 29: So tired.

 The last time I saw President and Sister Mullen, with my district: Elder Heward, Elder Reid, and Elder Penrod. 
Proof that I do service
Dear Loved ones,

I am so tired. That's how I feel. I feel happy. But so tired. I recently made a goal to try and nap more during our meal times. We've been so busy though, that I haven't had time. On the bright side though, me and my companion just made Zucchini bread, which reminded me of the first time I had that in Logan. :) 

I know I'm supposed to write a lot for these e-mails, but it's SO hard when I just want to do nothing on P-day, and when I feel horrible when I did nothing on P-day, so my desire to write people, to nap, and to go on an adventure are all clashing. And I've been failing on pictures again, but I should have some of the temple in Kennewick next Tuesday. We are a five mile drive from the temple x) so we will be driving to omak on monday night, staying there and waking up at 3am there, and then arriving in Tricities to go to the 8 or 9 session and then we will spend the day in Ephrata on Tuesday, so that we can work with the missionaries there, and THEN we will go to Wenatchee on Wednesday for a new missionary training. I can't wait, I love busy weeks! :) 

This was a tough week for the area. While we had the chance to teach a lot of active members, a lot of appointments cancelled, and we ended up with ten lessons on Saturday evening. That was a shocker to me. I can't remember the last time my lessons were so low. I feel like I need to work harder. But I also realize that we worked hard to invite people to Christ, and that the success is in what I can do, and not in what the investigator necessarily does. But people coming to church would be nice! We had a total of 6 people that we were hoping to come, but there weren't any people we were already teaching. BUT, there's a super great family, that has come two weeks in a row, that while we weren't able to make an appointment last week, we now have an appointment to go and visit this week. It seems like EVERYONE in the ward knows them, everyone wants to help out in the lesson, and a few people have told us they want dinner-lessons set up. Dinner-lessons are missionary's favorites! We teach, AND we eat! We have SUPER high hopes for this family. We'll see how it all goes. Sofia has been reading now that she has the Gospel Library app on her phone, and but she couldn't come to church because of her work schedule. Kim will be able to come to church this coming week, and we have an appointment with him tonight. Josh, and Patty, the other two main people that said they could come we haven't been able to contact. So pray that Sofia and Kim can come to church this coming Sunday, and that we can find Josh and Patty this week somewhere!

I was on an exchange with Elder Porter this week, who has been in my zone since the beginning of my mission. It's always nice to have someone you can call a long-term friend around. Anyway, we were down in Ephrata, and I was reminded of how much easier it is to be a new, junior companion! I didn't have to worry about any of the appointments, because I didn't know what they were! I didn't think about all of the little details and paper-work, because all I had to do, was do what assignments I was given! But more importantly, I also learned that I'm not doing such a bad job. It was a weird way to realize it, but between Elder Porter's encouragement, and the memories of being a trainee with Elder Kelly, and thinking of what a good job he was doing, made me think: Elder Kelly was probably stressing, a lot like I am right now, when he first got me. Yet, now I can see myself in his shoes. And just as I believed he was a good missionary; maybe, just maybe, I'm a good missionary too. That probably didn't make any sense, but it made sense in my head. :) 

Keep giving me encouragement everyone, I need it! :) Also, don't forget your other missionaries, especially the ones that are normal, and actually get home sick. Thanks for thy love!

Con amor,

Elder Grant

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