Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last week in the MTC 11/22/12

Hey everyone! So I saw and heard Elder Holland literally less than half an hour ago, as of right now, and it was incredible. He emphasized to us, that he really was human. But that he had a knowledge of Jesus Christ, and it was incredibly powerful and deep. He testified to us the most important completely mortal man to live on this Earth was Joseph Smith. Because through him, the Lord began the LAST dispensation. Think about that. Every other prophet, including the Apostles of old, knew that their dispensation would not last, and yet they did the work anyway. And now, the church will NEVER fall again. We are at the beginning of the End.
I want to let everyone know, that yes, I am nervous for this last week. I'm looking forward to what's to come, and know that I will be alright. Nothing can go permenantly wrong, with faith in Christ. But it's still kind of scary! I found out that marijuana was voted as legal in Washington by popular vote, and same sex marriage was almost voted in by popular vote. Luckily I will be teaching the more down to earth side of Washington, but I think I will still have some challenges. But I know I will overcome them.
I want to end this short email with my testimony. It feels incredibly right. My hands are literally shaking with how excited they are! I know that my Redeemer lives. He lives, and because of him, I will live again, there is NO doubt in my mind. I know that the spirit has born his testimony to me on thousands of occasions of the truth of this matter. I know that all are able to receive Eternal Life, the life of endless happiness. I know that no matter what in this life, God sent us to succeed and NOT to fail. We are able to overcome all that the devil, the world, and even the Lord's refining fire has for us. I know that the gospel, and Jesus Christ, have given me a perfect brightness of hope in this life. I know that he loves me, and knows I can be great. I will be forever thankful for his strength and kindness. I absolutely know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. He would not have died for a false book, and a false church. He sufferred agonies, and was martyred for the Book of Mormon. All he had to do was deny its truth, and he could have lived, likely for at least another twenty years. But rather he died for what he knew was true and right, and just. He could not deny that it was the word of God, just as I can't. I want to let all who read this know, that I will never give up the faith. The gospel is one of happiness, and my life is so incredible because of it. I will endure. And I know I will because of my faith and hope in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of all. I say all of this, in His name, Jesus the Christ, amen.

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