Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Monday, November 19, 2012

Travel Plans! 11-15-12

I got my travel plans for going to Spokane! I am to report at the travel office at five a.m. on Monday the twenty sixth. I hope I can fit all my stuff in my bags again. :) Man I'm SO excited. I'm not even sure what to write about! I loved the temple again today. I've got lots of new ties that I traded, that I want to take a picture of and send home. Um.... What else? I don't know. Oh, gosh darn it, I don't get to see my favorite teacher ever, Hermano Ballard, for a couple days. That's a bummer :\ But I'll see him before I leave the CCM/MTC. Darn that angel.
Oh, I hosted this week. Meaning, I helped new missionaries into the MTC and find everything, get their new class stuff, etc, and lead them to their class to finally get spoken to in a foreign language, (no english at all) for four days straight. Good times. :) One guy I hosted had six bags, three of which were massive, and one of which cut my thumb, and got blood on my white shirt. That crazy kid. My companion hosted someone that looked so sad, that he gave away the "Pinegar Treasure", a treasure of mostly candy and some cute little toys, and notes from a bunch of missionaries of support. There was probably about 150 dollars of candy given away, in six rather large boxes. And it was good candy too. That missionary is staying on his mission whether he likes it or not.
Me and Elder Pinegar also got to go out in the snow this week I think? Might have been last week. But basically, he was kind of sick, went to the doctor here, and got approval to leave the MTC for the health clinic down the street! I put on my super coat, he got out his umbrella, and we walked in the snow incredibly happily, singing a funny little tune over and over again for probably twenty minutes. SO much fun. There's something exciting about leaving the MTC.
Well, I hope this was a good letter! Keep writing me people! <3 Love you all, and thank you so much for the support!
Con amor,
Elder Grant

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