Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Teachers 11/1/12

Have I sent a letter about mis maestros ya? I don't think I have. I'll do that now.
Hermana Bair is our morning and late night teacher (we only have late night class thursday and saturday). She's 5'2" and really nice. She went to Chile for her mission, and speaks kind of like Cameron for his spanish. All funky. She puts up with us when we are most tired, pobrecita. She carried us through those first few days, when we were traumatized from culture shock. She's on the national dance team for BYU, which is really cool. She's a pretty lovable Hermana.
We didn't meet Hermano Ballard for quite a while. At first he was our first "investigator" and we didn't even know he was our teacher till week three I think? But to put it short, he glows. Everyone loves the guy. He pushes us really hard, while Hermana Bair is really easy on us, so they complement each other really well. Hermano Ballard currently has a double major at BYU (this is unheard of), works at the temple, has two jobs, including his one here at the MTC, work 50 hours here even though he only gets paid for 22, is learning portuguese through tutoring, and gets about six hours of sleep each night. I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something, but you get the point. He's gone through a lot of hard things in his life, (he's told us some of them) but they've made him into an incredible man today. I honestly think he's the greatest teacher at the MTC. We would have also died if he taught us those first couple weeks. He makes us do our best, but he does it through love. It still would have been too much for us at first though, and so I'm glad they worked everything out the way they did.
Oh, by the way, I've traded quite a few ties, including one with Hermano Ballard. I'll have to show you the new ones in pictures. I think I will also send you pictures of mis maestros. Give me questions guys, I need to know what to talk about! :)
Quiero todos ustedes,
Elder Grant  

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