Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Monday, January 13, 2014

December 30. 2013:Don't ever think too much.

Mi Amada Familia,

Don't think too little, but don't think too much, unless it's about good things. That's what I've learned.
So, lately we have been practicing asking inspired questions. There are some characteristics to inspired questions, but to put it short... They're questions that people need to be asked. Ones that will help them do some introspection, and come closer to God. So, it's not very easy. We did a role-play, with an AP over my shoulder, and at first I did alright, but later on, I asked a question, and with a smile, the AP told me, "Okay. Now make it an INSPIRED question." He didn't say it in a mean or rude way, but it still hurt haha. So then, I took about a 30 second pause (they told us we could do that) and looked toward heaven to receive an answer. It's SO hard. But so worth it... I'm already seeing lessons... I've seen lessons improve, and instead of saying 30 sentences of doctrine, you ask one inspired question. And the Spirit is there. The Spirit is talking, instead of myself. 

I've enjoyed my entire Mission, because I'm doing the right thing. Some times things are hard, and sometimes those difficulties are avoidable, and other times they're not. But... I guess sometimes I'm generally happy, and sometimes I'm TRULY happy. Not happiness from the world, but from God. And you have to earn that happiness! You have to choose God's will, instead of your own. And that's something I haven't even always done on my mission. I suppose my point is... There are guidelines to being happy. The Church gives us those guidelines in so many ways (The Scriptures, for the Strength of Youth, Church talks, etc). And yet how many of us didn't follow ALL of the counsel of the Apostles and Prophets last conference? I would say a good majority of us, including me. So for this new year, I want to consecrate myself to the Lord. I want to give everything of me. Stop doing what I want. And start doing what God wants. Because it will make Him happy, and it will make me Happy.

Thank you everyone for your love and support everyone. In the words of a song I recently got, "Say what you will, but the time that we fill, while we're on the Earth, should be alone, we were meant to be known, and you make me what I'm worth." I hope each of you will make goals for this new year, and commit to them. I hope I will do the same. :) Love you all.

Elder Grant

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