Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014: Another Week.

So, pretty hectic temple trip. We were starting to panic about getting a ride to the temple, because from what we could see, noone could take us. Then the Brewster Elders said they were just talking about how they were planning on going to the temple, with an investigator family, and the dad said, "Well I can take you if you want!" The mom's dropped, and the missionaries were like, "Wait, are you serious?" This family has 7 members within baptismal age. The dad had shown a small amount of interest until now, and he was only going to get about 2 hours of sleep. But he was still willing to drive us 8 hours roumd trip to the temple, apparently partly out of a desire to go see it! (We later found out it was against the rules to get rides from non-members... after the trip.)
So, I actually ended up going with some other missionaries because there wasn't quite enough room for all of us in the dad's car. We took different routes to the temple, and my car made it to the 8am session there alright... but the others ran into freezing rain on their route. After several near death experiences (including trying to take a U-turn right when a semi drove by), they made it in time for the 9:30 session. BUT the investigator had to start driving home to make it to work on time back there, and because the other elders were late, he had to leave without them. So then the Brewster elders, along with my companion Elder Smith were stranded in Kennewick. For the next hour or two, while they were still in their session, I was working on finding them a ride. Luckily, another companionship in our zone, had a brand new car that they didn't know about, waiting for them in Kennewick. They got a call, picked it up, and had three extra seats, just enough for Elder Smith and Brewster. Finally, I got a ride to pick us up from Wenatchee, and take us back home. It was a hectic day.
In spite of all that, I still mostly remember the temple. I remember the peace I felt there. I don't remember exactly what was running through my head the whole time, but I felt happy. At peace.
I also got to see Elder Kelly, my trainer there, one last time. He's finishing his mission in two weeks. I'll miss him, but I got one last picture. Speaking of which, I've got to email him!
I love you all. Remember, if you ever have a hectic day... Go to the temple if you can. ;)
Elder Grant

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