Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 13, 2013. A New Area!

Dear todos vosotros,

I'm in Oroville now! It's pretty exciting to be in a new area, and very weird that I don't know where anything is. Or know every single person in town. I was told that Oroville would be a pretty small town, but it seems huge compared to Mattawa. :) I do miss Mattawa though. A lot. At times I catch myself wondering what everyone's doing there, but I don't let myself dwell on it, luckily. I think if I did, I would go a bit nuts! I actually was in Moses Lake one day, while Elder Orellana was at new district leader training, and so I've officially proselyted there, and after that we went to Ephrata and had a zone training and an exchange with the zone leaders before that. So I've also proselyted in Ephrata. It's kind of crazy, because transfers was tuesday, and so in reality, I've only been in my area for about 4-5 days, instead of being on the 7th day. Oroville is far from everything. But I like it. :) We haven't taught to many people yet, because of the crazy week, but we have quite a few appointments for the next few days, so I'm excited.

If I forgot to say this last time, the church here is about a mile from the Canadian border, and I'm planning on seeing if I can get to go out of the mission for 1 minute to be able to say I've been to Canada in the future. :) It was actually pretty hot here this past week, about 93, and even hotter than Vegas! Some members had gone to Vegas for a wedding, and come back here and were surprised by a heat wave that hasn't hit Oroville this early in the year for 70 years or something. Many of the people here live in mountainous areas, and we cover 7 small towns here. All I remember are Tenasket and Oroville. Most are super far out there, and we don't have the miles. Darn miles. But, because Elder Orellana is from Guatemala, he's not allowed to drive unfortunately. But that means fortunately for me, I get to drive a Jeep Compass with less than 2,000 miles on it! One kid asked us if we were pimp! xD I forgot my camera so pictures will have to wait a week, but suffice it to say this area is pretty mountainous, has lots of green, we're right next to lake (the house is 200 feet away from it!), and just beautiful. Sorry. Next week. :)

Elder Orellana is really funny, and he has one of the best laughs I've ever seen. He's still learning english, and I'm still learning spanish, so what we've decided is that out proselyting, we generally speak english (since the majority of our lessons are in english) and spanish everywhere else. It's super helpful being able to ask a word, and he pretty much always knows what is! He's pretty dedicated, and I've already seen that he cares about our investigators here. He really likes music in english and spanish, but I had a cd with songs in spanish and he said he really missed listening to music where they speak spanish. I guess he doesn't have any music, and most missionaries don't have spanish music. I'm happy to please. :) 

One miracle we had on Saturday, was that we were going out to see a less active at about 8 oclock, and when we go in, we find out the woman's daughter had just come back here from Tiajuana. She had never been baptized, was going through a really hard time, really wanted to go back to church, but couldn't seem to be able to make that first step. She also said she'd moved like 4 times in the past ten years, and each time she would have the missionaries show up in the area. We asked her if she would like to be baptized, and she said if she learns the book of Mormon is true, for sure, then she would! She is planning on moving to Spokane in a few weeks, but we're super happy that we found her, and we are planning on sending her address to the missionaries there once she finds a house. We really are lead to find those that are ready!

Kay, that's all I got this week! Love you all!

Elder Grant

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