Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 6, 2013: Oroville

So, I'm getting transferred. I can hardly believe I'm going to be leaving Mattawa. I've been here for a quarter of my mission! This has been my home for what seems like forever! I feel a bit of heartache for all the people I'm going to leave, apprehensive at the people I'm going to meet, and dizzy because my feet don't seem to quite be on reality right now. So, I'm going to Oroville, which is the closest you can get to the Canadian border without going into Canada, I believe. It'll be the summer, so it shouldn't be too cold. :) I will be with Elder Orellana, who was Elder Wait's companion in Wenatchee before he came here. Elder Orellana is from Guatemala, and has been out a little under a year I believe. Elder Pinegar, my old MTC companion, is going to be replacing me here in Mattawa, and will be with Elder Wait until he goes home. We talked with him to schedule rides, and he's super excited to come to an area with so many spanish speakers! I'm leaving him a to-do list so that he'll behave and know who I think he should see. :) In other news, Elder Kelly, my Dad, is coming back to Othello, which he's been in for 6 months in the past, to be a Zone Leader here, and he will now be a Mezteco speaking missionary! Mezteco is a Native American language native to Oaxaca and Guerrero I believe, which are on the southern part of Mexico, and there are many people in Othello that only speak that language. It's not completely organized as a written language, and there's not a copy of the Book of Mormon in that language. He already learned a little bit when he was here last time, but to be able to teach in the language... It will be quite the experience for him. There will also be a companionship of Mezteco missionaries in another area in Othello. Elder Lowe, who is from Las Vegas and sang in Zion's Youth with me at one time, will be one of them. He already had learned a little bit too. Really crazy transfer. Let me talk about the area a bit.

I feel... content with my last sunday here. Reynaldo, and Jorge, the RM he's been living with, didn't go to church. But we went over later that night, and they were telling us that they feel awful. They know they've done something wrong, and want to do better. That's more than most people, I would say. We had a similar experience with the Esquivel family. They had gone to church about two months in a row during my time here, but had suddenly started ignoring us for about a month. We finally found them again yesterday, and they basically said they were sorry for pretending they weren't there earlier, and said they were going to try harder to come back to Christ. 

It's frustrating sometimes, how as missionaries, we see the grand scheme of things often. We see that the reason we're here, is so that we can live and become like God one day. Because our entire lives right now, is helping others to do that. But everyone else is full of the world, members and non-members alike. I remember when I would choose the world over more spiritual things when I was younger, and I shudder at the thought because I realize how dumb I was. How misguided. Now I know, that we have a greater purpose in this life. We are meant to achieve all of the potential that our Father in Heaven has given us. I will continue to do my best to understand other people, because I love them! I really do! And I'm going to help them realize what's really important. That church is more important than naps. That reading the scriptures is more important that watching soap operas. That people are more important that anything else in this world. Christ didn't suffer and die for money, or nice cars, or all of the luxuries of the world. He died for us. To follow His example and love people (including yourself) more than anything else in the world, is the best way we can show our love for Him.

I hope I am doing a good job! Thank you everyone that has helped me change for the better. I love you all!

Elder Grant

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