Colton's ready for his mission

Colton's ready for his mission

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28: Another crazy week.

So, I finally got to skype with my family! I feel kind of bad, because it wasn't very long, but we had an appointment. That ended up falling through. But we taught them yesterday, so all is well. :) Something that I invited them to do, and also am inviting everyone else that gets this, is to read the Book of Mormon! But you need a new, clean one. Probably the cheapest ones you can buy. And then, you mark in one color every time Christ is mentioned, another color every time He speaks, another color for His doctrine (fourth article of faith+EttE), another color for His promised blessings, and ANOTHER color for his characteristics. You can pick and choose if you want, you don't have to do all of them. Or you can do something different! (e.g. I'm marking the Plan of Salvation this next time around). But I think the most important one is marking when Christ is mentioned. When you read the entire Book of Mormon doing that, you realize how much it TRULY is about Him. You appreciate it more, and I promise that if you do it, you'll have a stronger relationship with our Savior!

Anyway, on to the area. It was kind of hard on Sunday because we basically knew ahead of time that no one would be able to come to church. We had announced the Super Saturday, but the only visitors were members. We're planning on doing another one of those things though where we invite everyone in the ward to invite one non-member on a day that everyone's in town. Just in the future, maybe a month from now. Anyway, we did find some new investigators this week, and while they didn't commit to come to church, we're still excited to teach them! Many people have potential, and there's for sure more people that need the Gospel, so we're going to keep working hard to find more people! 

We were getting many lessons in during the week, and were very excited with the success we were being given, but then on one day we had no lessons, which kind of shocked us. Then the next day, we had a few lessons, but it seemed like for the most part, they were going bad, and people were rejecting us. It was hard for Elder Orellana and I, but we pulled through it together, and I think that has helped us grow closer as a companionship. I was studying about the Fall, and why it was necessary, and it seems rather odd at first. Why would God give us two conflicting commandments, when it would inevitably lead to us having death and pain in the world? But hard times... They help us learn, grow, and strengthen relationships, with other people, and with our Savior and Father in Heaven. Except for the ones I brought on myself, I think I'm actually happy for the trials I've had in my life. Anything to get closer to Heavenly Father.

Oh yeah, I need pictures! I'll get those to you all in a few hours. I'm doing my emails in two parts, so hopefully I'll remember my camera in a few hours. :) Love you all! Thanks for the support! Til next week!

Con amor,

Elder Grant

Me and Jorge Bautista.

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